Valentino Rossi Video Series Episode 1

Valentino Rossi Video Series Episode 1. Descriptions: Every once in a while, we encounter a giant amongst men. In the world of sport, they carry a nation’s hopes on their backs. We call them greats, legends and perhaps even the greatest.

They enthral us with their talent, and better still, some can conjure the ability to match their sporting prowess with charm and charisma. These are the special breeds and in motorcycling,we’ve been blessed with some of the best.

A long time ago, the greatest of all time. Gifted, passionate and charismatic. He came, he conquered and he kicked ass He’s able to combine that fun factor withthe ultimate performance.

For every record they achieve, there willalways be another challenge. In the case of MotoGP and the world of motorcycling, there is a rider who comes close to being called the greatest, his name: Valentino Rossi.

This is the story of Valentino Rossi, told by those who know him best, and the man himself. This story takes us from the race track back to the heart of his world in Tavullia, to get the insight on what makes this man worthy of the title The Greatest Of All Time.

Born and raised in the quiet unassuming town of Tavullia, up in the hills above the Adriatic coast of Italy, he arrived in this world theson of a fantastic motorsports talent Graziano Rossi.

Inspired by his father, the young Rossi began his moto grand prix career in 1996 after experiencing success in the Italian Championship. Never short of confidence, his taste for victorywas matched only by his unwavering quest to have fun.

He has that charismatic, sort of Peter Pan, appeal. A Champion that is out of any imagination He loves motorcycling, he loves to ride thebike, and I think that he’s able to, he’s able to transmit that true passion and desire forwhat he does, and hes able then to communicate that to other people and I think that’swhat people really appreciate.

What has followed in over 20 years of racingat the highest level of the sport has combined exceptional talent with the mastery of entertainment.

Whether or not you know him for his racingprowess or crazed celebrations, the man know as The Doctor has become an institution withinmotorcycling, and the legend of Valentino Rossi now transcends the world of sport.

For all his worldwide acclaim, from fans andfellow sporting icons alike, Valentino remains fiercely loyal to the inner circle of trusted friends who have supported him throughout his journey.

Retreating back to Tavullia after each race weekend, the bond he has with his home townand the people he grew up with is key to understanding the man and his legend.

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